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If you are interested in adopting, please complete and submit the application on this page to get the process started. You will be contacted by email or phone. Please keep in mind that some dogs receive several applications for adoption. For this reason, we can not respond to all applicants immediately. If you do not receive a response within 72 hours, please email us back. Only one application per family is required. If after you submit this application you see a different puppy of interest, please e-mail us at info@poundpuppyrescue.org We will keep your application on file for one year.

Please note that we adopt to families local to the San Francisco Bay Area, and we do not adopt to families with kids under 6.

Any additional comments or questions can be made at the end of application. After completing application, don't forget to scroll to the bottom of the page and click "SUBMIT". Fields marked with a red asterisk * are required. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Want to know what to expect at one of our events? Please see our FAQ pages.

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Unfortunately PPR is unable to adopt to families with kids under 6 years of age. Please see our FAQ for more information on this policy.

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What would you do if you were unable to care for the dog?*:
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Do you agree to the following:

Allow a home inspection prior to adoption:
All members of your household want to adopt a dog:
Keep license and ID tags on dog at all times:
Provide adequate and timely health care for the dog:
Follow all federal, state & local laws regarding your dog:
Additional Information or Comments:

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I certify I am 18 years or older and the above to be true and complete to the best of my knowledge. I understand that incomplete applications without required fields or adequate information will not be considered.*:
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If there is an event scheduled (posted on www.poundpuppyrescue.org and our Facebook Page) within 24 hours of your application submission, please feel free to come even if you don't hear from us, but be sure print and bring your application with you, and read our FAQ pages. Your application will be emailed to you.

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Adoption Requirements for Puppies

  • Adoptions require an on-site assessment of your home.
  • Adopter must also agree to another assessment six months after adoption.
  • Annual vet visit mandatory, as is necessary veterinary care.
  • All family members must abide by state & local laws & ordinances relating to the dog including leash laws, without exception.
  • Fenced yard: fence must be tall enough and fully able to contain the puppy, even when it has reached its adult size.
  • Puppy must be given ample exercise daily.
  • Puppy training classes are mandatory.

Adoption Fee: $325 for puppies; $175 for adult dog.

The adoption fee includes spaying/neutering, microchip insertion and activation, first DA2PP vaccine(s), first deworming, vet check, collar, and starter bag of puppy food.

Pound Puppy Rescue reserves the right to deny adoption based on our criteria and sound judgement.

Please be aware that we cannot respond to every application, even though we would very much like to. You are welcome to apply for multiple dogs by either adding more than one puppy name to your application, or sending a follow-up e-mail to let us know who else you are interested in. Please do not submit on-line applications for more than one dog. Only one application per family is required. If after you submit this application you see a different puppy of interest, please e-mail us at info@poundpuppyrescue.org. We will keep your application on file for one year. Thank you for your understanding.

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